Phuoc Nhon Hot Springs

Phuoc Nhon Hot Springs
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Phuoc Nhon Hot Springs is a tourist zone covering an area approximately 20,099 meter square, belonging to Phuoc Nhon Hamlet, Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district and is located 25 kilometers to the Southwest of Da Nang City.

Average temperatures of the mineral water is 45 Degree Celsius, and set amongst the natural, undeveloped landscapes of the region, it’s the perfect place for tourists to relax in peace and enjoy many services; bathing and swimming in an outdoor pool of warm mineral water, soaking in a wooden mineral tank, soaking in mud, bathing with mineral aromatherapy, therapeutic massages, VIP Spa (general), bungalows and bathing services with traditional herbs remedies from the Red Dao people. There is also a production line of mineral bottled water, bottled at the source, with special Phuoc Nhon minerals, for the “Laval” label, supplying Danang people and surrounding areas.

Address: Phuoc Nhon Hamlet, Hoa Khuong, Hoa Van Ward, Danang City.

Tel: (+84-511)3872876


Opening time: From 8.30am to 8.30pm daily

Transportation: 80,000d/person (Transportation fee + 1 bottle of Laval 500ml)

Picking up at: 64 Tran Quoc Toan St, Danang, start at 9.00am and return at 2.00pm, or start at 03.15pm and return at 8.00pm.

VIP SPA: 1,200,000d/2 persons in 180 minutes; 1,800,000d/2 persons in 360 minutes.

Private tub (mud-bath, hydrotherapy, mineral-bath, dry and water sauna): 300,000d/tub/person, 500,000d/tub for 2 persons, 900,000d/tub for 4 persons, 1,200,000d/tub for 6 persons.

Mineral-bath: 150,000/person

Herbal Hamma:

– Herbal Hamma: 200,000d/tub/person

– Herbal Hamma with Sauna: 250,000/tub/person

– Special Herbal Hamma: 450,000/tub/person


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