Most anticipated fireworks displays by teams Australia and Italy tonight

Most anticipated fireworks displays by teams Australia and Italy tonight
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Tonight, 3 June, the 4th night of the ongoing Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2017 will begin with a fireworks display by Team Australia, and Team Italy’s performance will follow.  The theme for this evening is ‘Water’.  This is the most anticipated competition night because both the teams have vast experiences in fireworks display.

Team Howard and Son Pyrotechnics from Australia won the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 thanks to their incredible fireworks display showing off a perfect harmony between fascinating support music and impressive lighting effects.

Mr Christian Howard, Head of the Australian team, remarked that tonight the audience would be treated to a story about the formation of the Earth, the eruptions of volcanoes and the early history of life on the Earth.

He revealed, “Dance and symphony music will be used as the main support music to bring the audience to a memorable climax.  I hope that our fireworks performance tonight will leave a deep impression on locals and visitors”.

Mr Howard added that his team arrived in Da Nang one week ago, and they were very impressed with the spectacular fireworks displays by teams China and the UK despite heavy rain last Saturday (27 May).  He noted that his team had already prepared some plans to protect their fireworks regardless of whether it rains or not in a bid to produce an amazing show from beginning to end.

Those of the Italian team preparing their fireworks at the launch location at the former Han River Port.

With around 100 years of experience, the Martarello SRL company is the safest and most qualified fireworks and fireworks-related service provider in Italy.  This Italian team have competed in, and won numerous notable prizes, at many large-scale fireworks companies worldwide.

The Head of the Italian team, Mr Ermes Martarello, said that his team boast their own fireworks systems and firing technologies.  He said that many fireworks would be released on the water in their display tonight.  His team would make the best efforts to bring harmonious combination of enchanting support music and sparkling colours in order to stir up different emotions in the audience members.

(Source: Danang Today)


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