Son Tra Peninsula: Home of Queen of Primates

Son Tra Peninsula: Home of Queen of Primates
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Vietnamese people in general and Da Nang people in particularly do not know that they own a priceless fortune – Pygathrix nemaeus – the valuable and rare primates in the world.

Located far from Da Nang city center only 10 km northeast but possessing unique natural scenery thanks to diversified flora and fauna with a rich marine ecosystem, Son Tra Peninsula has attracted domestic and foreign tourists by an unspoiled natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.

With a total area of 4,000 ha, primeval forest on the peninsula is the place where the two typical flora and fauna of the two regions South – North interacts include 289 species of plant, 287 species of mammal, 106 species of bird and 15 species of rare wildlife which need to be conserved; in which, the Pygathrix nemaeus species – the primates have been protected strictly by Vietnamese law. With feature of 5 colors, the Pygathrix nemaeus is honored the Queen of the primates residing in deep forest by the International Conservation Organization due to its strange beauty.

Discovered to research in 1969 at Son Tra, up to now, many domestic and international scientists team come to study and make movies about this species. Many researchers and filmmakers expressed their surprise because they can observe, record, film, and photograph at very close range with the Pygathrix nemaeus and other species of wildlife in Son Tra. This means that the system of forest, flora – plants in Son Tra Peninsula (although far from the city center only 10km) is still very primitive.

In our country, the number of this species accounts for 83 % of Pygathrix nemaeus in the world, with about 530 individuals, mostly concentrated in the Son Tra Nature Reservation. While this species is threatened to be extinct in many places, in Vietnam, this species is currently developing healthy and sustainable. This may be partly due to Da Nang government\’s determination in protecting habitat for the flora and fauna here. Last year, the Danang People\’s Committee canceled Paint Club in Bai Bac in order to limit the impact of these activities on the environment.

For those who love nature and want to see wildlife themselves, Son Tra is a great destination.

A walk through the forest to discover the Son Tra’s nature and mountain with the rich tropical flora and fauna, you will be able to admire a thousand year old tree and see the herd of Pygathrix nemaeus, long tailed monkeys looking for meals on the trees or beside a stream.

In addition to the rich flora and fauna on land, there are beautiful, colorful and attractive coral reefs at Son Tra. At Nghe cape, Tranh ground, black rocks ground besides the protruding rocky, there are coral reefs spreading over 4, 5 hectares along the northern beaches, Huc Lo, Da puddles (Nom beach). There are 52 types of corals which are not only diversified but also gather many attractive colors. The coral diving will certainly very attractive.


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