Cherry Blossom Festival at Asia Park this weekend

Cherry Blossom Festival at Asia Park this weekend
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The 2016 Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival (Hanami Festival) will take place at Da Nang’s Asia Park on 2 September street on Saturday and Sunday, 9 and 10 April. The entrance fee is 200,000 VND per person.

The event aims to introduce local residents and visitors to the cultural values and aesthetics of Japan, which in turn will help to boost cultural exchange activities and strengthen the friendship between Vietnamese and Japanese people.

Hanami Festival in Japan (Photo: Internet)
Hanami Festival in Japan (Photo: Internet)

Visitors to the festival will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of 300 stems of cherry blossom – the cultural symbol of Japan. They will be also treated to numerous fascinating demonstrations by Japanese artistes. These include Yosakoi dancing, cosplay costume-wearing, tea ceremonies, and calligraphy.

In addition, there will be special areas for displaying over 3,000 traditional handicraft products from Japan, and introducing Japanese cuisine.

The festival is expected to become an annual event at this venue.

(Source: ĐTĐN)


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