8,000 festivals, only one Cocofest

8,000 festivals, only one Cocofest
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Its estimated Vietnam had average 22 festivals a day, equivalent to 8,000 festivalsa year. Butmostly they all traditional festivals, the creativity and breakthrough didn’t taking seriously. Hence, Cocofest 2016 was born to change that reality.

Cocofest is the Music events – Entertainment – Sports – Culinarytakes place on 26th-27th August, 2016 at Cocobay Da Nang is believed to be an unique entertainment festival, the most spectacular in “the best liveable city of Vietnam”.

This will be the first time in Da Nang having top stars of Vietnam as well as international for a musical event. Musician Quoc Trung- event’s director said, Cocofest 2016 with the theme “Tropical Colors” will include performances and musical genres, bring diversification in audience experience, ensuring unique imageof cultural’s diversity, andcreate the art symbol of Danang to region and Asia.

“Unlike any programs that I’ve done, Cocofest is a festival for all audiences, all ages. The festival will bring the excitement, connecting people “- musician Quoc Trung said.

  1. Top stars in one stage

Six million records worldwide, 10 times get into the top 10 of British musicrankings, invited singer for Grammy’s awards night, all of them already prove Kelis’s level – who will be present on the stage of Cocofest.

And the American singer is not the only face of the night. Two Danish music producer are DJ T.O.M and Buda of Lulu Rouge band–the magic hands of Northern Europe will definitelycreate vibes with his remixes at Cocofest.

You also have opportunity to meet the band from ‘Land of Kimchee’-From The Airport include 2 talented members: Milo and Zee.

And of course, the name Park Gyuri can not be missed with K-Pop fans. This time marks the return of leader Gyuri called “goddess of beauty” after Kara, top K-Pop band broke up earlier this year.

Besides of international names, V-pop starsalso converging of today’s hottest names: Toc Tien, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Suboi, SpaceSpeakers and KOP band. It’s promised to create a boom in Cocofest.

2.Barefoot run – Đôi chân trần trên biển

Cocofest 2016 opening with community activities “bare feet on the beach” – “Barefoot Run”. The program will mobilize up to 7,000 participants running along the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

This is not just a sport activity, but also a community cohesion activities, propaganda in cleaning beach. No sneakers, only bare feet, Cocofest want to send a message of commitment and harmony between nature – human.

Specially, all athletes who participating ‘Bare Foot Run’ will received 50% discount for Cocofest ticket as a thanks.

  1. Asian Battle Ground

Asia Battle Ground – Asian Hip Hop tournament now available in Vietnam at Cocofest. It is expected to become an annual event so Cocobay Danang will be the place for dance groups, professional dancers from all over Asia and the worldin the future..

Cocofest will take place for the qualifying tournament. Hip Hop dancers across the country will have the chance to win tickets for representative Vietnam “battle” with the competitors from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and so on to participate Asian finalists to be held in Malaysia, October this year.

  1. Swimming pool – Bounce House

In a space of large size pool, during the two days of the event will have hundreds of modern games, youth activities such as water skiing, entertainment at swimming pools with full of fun, excitement and diversity.

At Cocofest, organizer build a complex of three outdoor swimming pools and giant bounce house. You will not only experience cool water in the summer, with nature, but also join the fun team building game: gunfight, water ski, etc. And of course within soundtrack music.

5. Free beer party

Cocofest not only makes you ‘drunk’ with music, but also real‘drunk’ with beer, free beer party at 16:30 each day. This “Sport” is the most favorite activity in Vietnam, now officially has a modern tournament inspired by beer competitions in Europe – the homeland of beer.

Let’s coming to Cocofest and don’t forget to bring friends. You can challenges friends or even just new friend to drunk with, in this summer event.

  1. Street performances: Parkour

Imaging of teenagers jumping over cars, through the barrier wall in gently and beautifully way, on a busy road, on uneven groundhad become farmiliar with youth generation.

You could evenshock when watching the real performances of Parkour’sartists at Cocofest.Parkour team will “swoop” from inside of the crowd, enter to the main area and started performing the display of class

Aims to become a cultural symbol of Danang, Cocofest use creativity to increase the tourism resources besides natural resources of the Central of Vietnam; make Danang becomestunning destination on the tourist map of the region.


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