Danang city begins open-top bus tours

Danang city begins open-top bus tours
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Danang city begins open-top bus tours

Danang city officially put into operation its first open-top double-decker bus tour, connecting the airport and 25 stops in the city.

Danang city begins open-top bus tours cocobay

The tour is the first of its kind in Viet Nam, serving both tourists and commuters.

The city tour on the 54-seat bus, which is being operated in co-operation with Empire Group, runs from 7am till 10pm on two routes from Da Nang International Airport to CocoBay – Da Nang’s largest entertainment and hospitality complex – and Son Tra Peninsula.


  • From Airport: Danang International AirportDuy Tan – 2/9 Street  –  Dragon Bridge – Ly Nam De – Tran Hung Dao – Vincom – Pham Van Dong – Vo Nguyen Giap – Truong Sa – Cocobay
Stops N1: Danang International Airport – Cocobay (Double decker)
Danang International Airport – Cocobay
1 Danang International Airport
2 69- 71 Duy Tan, Showroom Toyota
3 07 Duy Tan – Zone V Military Museum
4 Opposite SN 158 , 2/9 Street
5 Opposite An Long Pagoda, 2/9 Street
6 Riverside Hotel (Ly Nam De Street)
7 357-359  Tran Hung Dao (Kay Hotel)
8 339  Tran Hung Dao – (Azura Hotel)
9 124 Pham Van Dong ( Vian Hotel)
10 Opposite Bien Dong Park (Electric bus station, Bus 12)
11 252 Vo Nguyen Giap (Tourance Hotel)
12 268B Vo Nguyen Giap (Bep Viet restaurant)
13 Opposite Lang Ca Restaurant (Fish village)
14 Opposite Pullman Resort
15 2B – Vo Nguyen Giap
16 23-24 Vo Nguyen Giap
17 Opposite Son Thuy beach
18 Truong Sa (Xuat Anh shop)
19 Close to Danang BRG Golf Course
20 Cocobay


  • From Cocobay: Cocobay – Truong Sa – An Nong – Co Co Bridge – Nam Ky Khoi Nghia – Tran Dai Nghia – Le Van Hien – Tien Son Bridge – 2/9 Street – Duy Tan – Danang International Airport
Cocobay- Danang International Airport
21 Ocean Villas
22 FPT Complex (Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street)
23 Opposite 722 Le Van Hien
24 125 Le Van Hien (Opposite Hospital)
25 Opposite 54 Le Van Hien
26 Lotte Mart – Tien Son street
27 Opposite 468 2/9 Street (Helio Entertainment Center)
28 28 Duy Tan
29 88 Duy Tan


  • From Cocobay to Danang International Airport: 54 minutes (not including 10 minutes waiting at the airport)
  • From Danang International Airport to Cocobay: 66 minutes (not including 10 minutes waiting at Cocobay)

Danang city begins open-top bus tours cocobay 1

The Coco bus tour ticket will be priced at VND250,000 (US$11) for a 24-hour jump-on jmup-off use.

According to Empire Group, the bus tour will be offered free for tourists and commuters throughout August, and at a 50 per cent discount between September and November.

The bus tour will help ease traffic in the city and boost daily travel on public transportation among local residents.

Binh Phan


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