Evergreen Farmer’s Market

Evergreen Farmer’s Market
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Evergreen Labs is a Danang­based company focused on developing social and environmental projects into sustainable businesses for long lasting positive impact. Currently, Evergreen Labs is developing several internal projects and one of those is focused on the area of food security. In Vietnam, the lack of trust in food is an essential problem. Today, many people do not know where the food that they are eating and providing to their families is coming from even though there are regulatory bodies implementing standards.

Evergreen Labs made the first steps towards improving food security in Vietnam by hosting the first clean food market in Da Nang on November 20, 2016. On that day, over one ton of produce was sold, 75% of the vendors sold out completely and over 1000 visitors came to the market. Evergreen Labs has received a lot of encouragement and support from not only our customers and vendors but also from the Trading department of the City and Son Tra local authority. This pilot market proved that the Da Nang community has an emerging concern about clean food and it is time to do something about it. Motivated by people’s excitement, we have applied for a year­round farmer’s market and got general support from the City.

Evergreen Farmer’s Market 2017 will be opened with the first event organized on January 22, from 7h00 to 19h00 at the Dragon Bridge, across from Danang Food Center. Attending this market will be vendors from the last event and newly sourced vendors. Once again, Da Nang dwellers have chance to directly purchase local produce, handmade products and food for themselves and their families from farms and producers across central Vietnam. Additionally, this market will offer a unique opportunity to purchase gifts for the upcoming Tet holiday. As before, a transparent profile of each vendor will be displayed to the consumers on market day and also available online on the Farmer’s Market website.

Join us in creating a green and healthy living environment in central Vietnam!

For more information:

Evergreen Labs website: https://www.evergreenlabs.org

Farmer’s Market facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1290188894389423/

Farmer’s market website: www.healthyfarm.org

Binh Phan