Fireworks on beach to welcome in New Year

Fireworks on beach to welcome in New Year
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A spectacular fireworks display to welcome in New Year 2016 will be set off at 9.00pm on the beach near the East Sea Park in Da Nang on 31 December.

The 10-minute-long fireworks show will feature 553 high-level fireworks, 176 firework frames, and 5 rotating firework frames.

After the display, there will be an exciting musical performance involving such famous domestic singers as My Linh, Thanh Bach, Nguyen Phi Hung and Minh Vuong.

At midnight, a fascinating traditional ritual to welcome ‘Than Tai’ (the God of Wealth) and wish for happiness, peace and success will be held at the East Sea Park. All these events will be broadcast live on the DRT2 channel.

The events will be being jointly organised by the Management Board of the city’s Son Tra Peninsula and Tourism Beaches, the Bao Nguyen Food Company, the Green Hope Company, and the city’s branch of the Mobifone company.



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