Starting up the Sea Tourism season 2014

Starting up the Sea Tourism season 2014
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At the sea tourism season in summer 2014, Da Nang tourism industry does not organize the international fireworks competition. Thus, in order to make successes and to take many impressions in this season, it should need the co-ordination among the travel community.

With many exciting activities, “the sea tourism season 2014″ will attract promisely more tourists to Da Nang in 30th April and 1st May. Many new tourist activities and services

Different from previous years, the program “Sea tourism season” in this year has been launched for several months in advance, so that tourists can set up plan for their trips to Da Nang in summer. Right after the New Year festival, the Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula and Danang tourist beaches has been developing several programs with many entertainment activities and sent an open letter to the travel agencies, the service businesses in the city to call for the participation in this program. “Many new activities and services will promisely bring an exciting atmosphere, “Sea tourism season 2014″ is an opportunity to promote the image of tourism in Son Tra peninsula and call upon the community to co-ordinate in protecting the marine environment in local area” Mr.Nguyen Duc Vu – Deputy Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula and Da Nang tourist beaches said.

This year’s program has been launched quite soon and prepared carefully, lasted longer than in previous years as well, because of the lack of the international fireworks competition on 30th April, the “Sea tourism season 2014″ event is considered as the biggest event of Da Nang throughout 2014. In order to attract more tourists and collect higher profits, the Management Board has been trying to design the program frame in order that local residents and tourists can participate in all activities to increase the ” attractiveness index ” of the this event. Apart from a number of programs with the participation of local and tourist agencies such as presenting tourism products, cuisine, planting trees, walking for marine environment…, the program also has many new activities and many tours to explore the tourism potential in Son Tra which has been forgotten for a long time.

Residents and tourists can participate in the festival of coastal people such as tugging, shaking the round boat, pulling fish nets, knitting nets, beating pots … or register in many exciting tours such as going sightseeing in Son Tra by cycling, fishing, diving and snorkeling, fishing day … .”This year’s program not only aims to rouse the environment, but also towards the highest goal in increasing the expenses on tourist activities from visitors; at the same time towards to the development of tourism in Son Tra peninsula in depth and sustainability; so that the sea tourism season in next years will attract more tourists “Mr. Wu said .

It is necessary that the community have to co-ordinate

The current biggest difficulty is the lack of funding for tourism activities as well as calling for businesses to participate in response to the program. This happens because according to businesses, the tours to Son Tra peninsula now still have many obstacles due to the poor service products here such as lack of public toilets, transit stations, food counters along the road… The representative of Management Board said that they will attempt to invest in some items such as building floating fishing huts, transit stations, public toilets, upgrading stops stations …

According to many tourist experts, sea tourism is not only a key economic sector of Da Nang, but also as a means to promote the city’s image more clearly on the world map, the tourism industry therefore must be launched more widely the “Sea tourism season 2014” to crowded tourism businesses in the city. At first, it needs to develop products and services in Son Tra peninsula towards Da Nang tourism; it means that the development is not only towards events, but also towards the eco-tourism and resorts to attract tours to Da Nang.

For example, before the New Year festival, the Management Board has put into operation two new tour including “wildlife watching” and “diving and fishing with fishermen” which get good effects on visitors during Tet. “We have a lot of potentials but still unexploited. In order to take the sea tourism as the highlight, it is necessary to have many tour towards nature, and sea sports and outdoor activities such as team – building, new activities can make the sea tourism program this year become more attractive visitors” Mr.Le Tan Thanh Tung proposes, The Manager of tour guide – travelling department of the Vocational Tourism College.

According to the management board of Son Tra peninsula and Danang tourism beaches, “The sea tourism season 2014 ” will take place from 30th April to 5th May with more than 20 activities organized along Hoang Sa – Vo Nguyen Giap –Truong Sa. In addition to the entertainment activities, this year’s program also aims to marine cultural activities and to protect the marine environment. Along with a series of exciting events “Sea tourism season 2014″ not only facilitates to promote the powerful image of marine tourism in Da Nang to domestic and foreign tourists, but also create unique, sustainable tourism products for Da Nang tourism brand.

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