Team Austria produce amazing and passionate display

Team Austria produce amazing and passionate display
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The performance by Austrian team Fireevent Die Feuerwerker on Sunday evening thrilled the spectators with their dazzling fireworks display.  It demonstrated a strong passion for peace and freedom on the earth, and conveyed a meaningful message that the world is a wonderful place and everyone should protect this paradise.

The team’s performance clearly showed off a perfect harmony between enchanting background music, impressive lighting effects, and sparkling colours in a bid to produce an amazing show from beginning to end.

This is the first time that Fireevent Die Feuerwerker has participated in this challenging competition, but they did not disappoint the spectators with their majestic and delicate display thanks to their rich experiences from competing in other international competitions worldwide and receiving many top prizes.

The team’s members said that they would like all the viewers at DIFF to join them on a journey of discovery and witness with their own eyes a one-of-a-kind fireworks party.

Here are some photos of the amazing performance by Team Austria


(Danang Today)