The Avalokitesvara Festival 2017

The Avalokitesvara Festival 2017
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Address: Quan The Am Pagoda, Marbles Moutains, Da Nang City

Date Operation: 16-19/03/2017

About: The Avalokitesvara festival is considered to be one of the Vietnam’s 15 most impressive tourism festivals. It is held annually on 19 / 2 lunar month (around the calendar month  April) at Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara) pagoda amongst the Marble Mountains landscape.

What to explore: The festival folk legend is for the “Buddha who looks down”, a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddha’s. She is one of the more widel reserved bodhisattvas in mainstream Mahayana Buddhism.

The folk legends are linked to the establishment of the Marble Moutains, the history and story of the former Non Nuoc stone sculptor that evoked the historical tradition, ethnic roots and compassion of the region, for his creation of the Avalokitesvara statue within the mountains. This is an attractive and creative festival and is said to contribute to the good of all men and women, local and foreign tourists.


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