Four APEC Fora kicked off SOM 2 and Related Meetings in Ha Noi

Four APEC Fora kicked off SOM 2 and Related Meetings in Ha Noi
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Hanoi, Vietnam, May 9th, 2017 – This morning, the Second APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting and related meetings started with four activities from the Mining Task Force (MTF), Sub-Committee on Standard and Compliance (SCSC), Group of Friends on Disability Issues (GOFD) and Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE).

At the PPWE meeting, the Chair announced the overarching theme of the upcoming High Level Policy Dialogue of Women and the Economy “Enhancing Women’s Economic Inclusion and Empowerment in a Changing World”, addressing three main priorities: (i) Promoting gender equality for inclusive economic growth; (ii) Strengthening women-owned MSMEs’ competitiveness and innovation; and (iii) Narrowing gender gaps in human resource development.

The participants also discussed the fora’ 2017 work plan, reviewed its ongoing projects and preparation for the High Level Policy Dialogue this September in Hue.

At the first GOFD meetings of the year, participants discussed the goals and the Group’s 2017 work plan. Delegates also shared good practices to promote disability-inclusive development in APEC economies. Several on-going projects are also discussed, including advancing employment for persons with disabilities, promoting the participation of persons with disabilities in economic activities.

On its first working day, the MTF held the “Workshop on Mine Closure Checklist for Governments”. APEC recently accounted for approximately 70% of global mineral production and consumption. Founded in 2007, MTF’s task is to effectively regulated mining and metallurgical operations that are sustainable and contribute to the well-being and livelihoods in APEC economies.

Meanwhile, the SCSC’s “Export Certificate Workshop” focused on export certificate and their role in facilitating the trade in safe food products.

APEC working groups will take place until May 16, before Committees and Senior officials summaries and reviews the progress.


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