Naman Pool Party 2017

Your once-in-a-lifetime chance to rock summer in the best way ever! Come join us for dancing, swimming and partying hard till the sun comes up. We are waiting for you on 8th July 2017 at Naman Retreat

It’s perfect time to soak up the sun, drink, dance enjoy summer and chillax with friends. Make the most of your summer experience with the best DJ’s and rappers in Vietnam: Hoang Touliver, Soobin Hoang Son, Min & Mr.A, Tien Tien, DJ Ngo Kien, Justa Tee and far more to expect!

Let’s party, enjoy music, colorful light, sexy dance, vibrant atmosphere and surrender yourself to the fascinating tunes on an exciting Saturday night!

HOTLINE for reservation: 0918.966.266 | 0918.966.267

See you guys on 8th July, 2017!