Da Nang welcomes the first tourist in 2017

Da Nang welcomes the first tourist in 2017
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In recent years, Da Nang’s tourism has been recognized by many tourists, individuals and international tourism association: Top 10 Most Attractive Destination in Asia in 2013 and 2014 (Voted by Smart Travel Asia), Top Destination on the rise 2015 (Announced by TripAdvisor). Especially, in 2016, Da Nang was awarded as the Asia’s Leading Event and Festival Destination. These recognitions have been partially positioning and branding Da Nang tourism toward domestic and international markets.

In 2016, together with cruise tourism, airlines tourism marked a huge growth in terms of passengers and number of flights, contributed significantly to the total revenue of Da Nang tourism. In 2016, the total arrivals in Da Nang were 5.51 million, increased by 17.7% compared to 2015. There were 1.67 million international arrivals, increased by 31.6% and 3.84 million domestic ones, increased by 12.5%. The total revenue reached a number of 16,000 billion dongs, increased by 24.7% compared to 2015

At the moment, there have been 20 direct international flights to Da Nang, with 11 regular flights and 09 charter ones:

No Flight to Da Nang Airline Seats Flight/week Date
Regular direct flight
1 Singapore Silk Air 150 6 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
Singapore Jetstar 180 4 Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun
2 Incheon Asiana Airlines 177 6


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
Incheon Korean Airlines 138-159 7 Daily


Vietnam Airlines 168 7 Daily
Incheon Jin Air 180 7 Daily
Incheon Jeju Air 180 7 Daily
Incheon T’way 189 3 Mon,Wed, Sun
3 Hongkong Dragon Air 180 5 Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Hongkong HK Express 180 7 Daily
4 SiemReap Vietnam Airlines 68 4 Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun
SiemReap Silk Air 150 1 Saturday
SiemReap Cambodia Angkor Air 68 3 Mon,Wed, Fri
5 Guangzhou Vietnam Airlines 184 3 Mon,Wed, Fri
6 Narita Vietnam Airlines 180 7 Daily
7 Kuala Lumpur Air Asia 180 7 Daily
8 HangZhou Vietnam Airlines 180 4 Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun
9 Busan Air Busan 180 7 Daily
Busan Jin Air 180 14 Daily (2 flights/day)
10 Macao AirMacau 180 21 Daily (3 flights/day)
11 Bangkok Bangkok Airways 138 4 Mon,Wed, Fri, Sun
Bangkok Vietnam Airlines 168 3 Mon, Thu, Fri
Charter Flight
1 Beijing China Eastern Airlines 180 4 Mon,Wed, Fri, Sun
2 Chengdu Vietnam Airlines 180 2 Thu, Sun
3 Shanghai Vietnam Airlines 180 2 Thu, Sun
4 Nanning China Eastern Airlines 180 2 Thu, Sun
5 Guangzhou Hainan (HK Hải Nam) 2 Thu, Sun
6 Hangzhou Loong Air 2 Tue, Sat
7 Taiwan Far Eastern Air Transport 2 Postponed

Mon, Sun

  Jetstar 3 Tue, Fri, Sun
8 Haikou Hainan Airlines 2 Mon, Sun
9 Shenzhen Hainan Airlines 2 Mon, Fri

In 2017, Da Nang is expected to welcome more flights from Thailand (Bangkok, Chiangmai) operated by Thai Airways, VietjetAir, AirAsia and the flight route from Osaka operated by Jetstar Pacific.

To welcome the first internation flight to Da Nang in 2017, today we are welcoming the flight No.MI632 from Singapore to Da Nang at 10.30 Am on 01 January, 2017 operated by Silk Air. This flight has brought 150 passengers from Singapore, Germany, England, Italy…to pay a visit and spend their leisure time in Da Nang in the occasion of New Year 2017. Especially, the two first passengers on the flight were warmly welcomed with flowers by Da Nang Tourism Department, Mr. Ross Parker and his wife Mrs. Corrine. The Australian marriage couple has chosen Da Nang to be their leisure destination. Moreover, we also welcome the Korean tourists on the flight from Incheon to Da Nang operated by Jin Air and T’way Air. These are the 02 airlines opening the direct flights from Korea to Da Nang in 2016.

(Quân Ngô)